CERN Will Blast a Hole in the Earth in September 2015-Fiction!

CERN Will Blast a Hole in the Earth in September 2015-Fiction!
Summary of eRumor:
The European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) plans to blast a hole in the earth in September 2015 and “hell could literally break loose.”
The Truth:
CERN doesn’t have any plans to blast a hole in the earth in September 2015.
That rumor started with a post at the website Before It’s News. The post appeared under the headline, “Top Scientists Issue HUGE ALERT: Everything In Place to Open Gates of Hell This Year- — 2015.” The post (falsely) warns that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could cause “3 distinctive life extinction events,” including the creation of “baby black holes.”
Before It’s News isn’t a credible news source. The website’s stories are submitted by “a community of individuals who report on what’s going on around them.” That leads to a lot of false reports, like the one about a ship that reappeared 90 years after it went missing in the Bermuda Triangle.
The fake “warnings” about CERN’s destructive capabilities were taken from safety information posted on CERN’s website about the LHC that covers cosmic rays, microscopic black holes, strangelets and vacuum bubbles.
These fake warnings sparked additional false warnings like this YouTube video that had more than 580,000 views:
And, in case you’re wondering, microscopic black holes have never resulted from LHC particle collisions, CERN reports:

Another way of revealing extra dimensions would be through the production of “microscopic black holes”. What exactly we would detect would depend on the number of extra dimensions, the mass of the black hole, the size of the dimensions and the energy at which the black hole occurs. If micro black holes do appear in the collisions created by the LHC, they would disintegrate rapidly, in around 10-27 seconds. They would decay into Standard Model or supersymmetric particles, creating events containing an exceptional number of tracks in our detectors, which we would easily spot. Finding more on any of these subjects would open the door to yet unknown possibilities.

So, there’s no truth to the reports that CERN plans to blast a hole into the earth, or take part in any other “life extinction events.”