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A simulation of what flooding at Laguardia Airport could look like was misidentified in August 2017 as flooding at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.

NASA Warns of 15 Days of Darkness in November 2017-Fiction! Summary of eRumor: NASA has confirmed that there will be 15 days of total darkness in...

Some vendors of eclipse glasses made false claims about the safety benefits of their products in the lead up to the total solar eclipse in August 2017.

There's never been a threat of cosmic rays from Mars that could disrupt cell phones and other electronics, but warnings have been circulating since 2007.

A green moon will not appear in the sky on 4/20 for the first time in 420 — a meme making the rounds on social media is a reference to cannabis culture.

NASA has not confirmed that Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness in March 2017, this is a new twist on an old hoax.

An asteroid will safely pass by the Earth in February 2017 — conspiracy theories that the doomsday asteroid will actually hit Earth aren't based in fact.

A Black Moon will appear in Eastern and Western skies in September and October — but that may not mean what you think it does.

A meteor will strike Puerto Rico in August 2016, bringing about a massive tsunami and end times.

Nibiru or Planet X is headed straight for Earth and will bring about doomsday.