Rip Off at the Gas Pumps-Unproven!

Rip Off at the Gas Pumps-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded email alleging that consumers are getting ripped off at the gas pumps by cheating vendors who recalibrate the filling station scales.

The Truth:

This is an old eRumor that began circulating around 2008.

We have found no evidence of a nationwide scam by fuel vendors attempting to recalibrate the scales at the gas pumps.

There have been some scams at gas stations in New York’s Nassau County that were reported in a July 2, 2014, article by  ABC News. The article warned about paying full service prices at the self serve pump and a computer modification to make  pumps dispense less gas than what is indicated.

Maintaining situational awareness at the gas pump is not a bad idea when fueling, and if a consumer feels wrongly charged for gasoline, they should first speak to the manager or owner of the gas station. If that does not bring results, then contact the Department of Weights and Measures in the state where the gas station is operating.

Posted 07/24/14