Bounce fabric softener dryer sheets repel bugs like mosquitoes, gnats and flies.

Ziploc bags filled with water and pennies can be used to keep flies away.

Lowes Home Improvement has offered a $200 coupon for any purchase of $220 or more.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are radioactive and add more toxicity to the environment than regular light bulbs because they contain mercury.

Kerosene can be used to cure cancer and other blood diseases.

Burning Some Kinds of Candles in the Home...

Dangerous Gas in Car Air Conditioners is Causing Lung Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease-Fiction!  Summary of eRumor:This email says that air conditioners in 1985 to 1998...

Beware of Lead in ...

This is a forwarded email that contains an article about the boot maker UGG. The article alleges that UGG boots are made from skins and wool sheered from inhumanly treated sheep.