Smart Meters are Spying on Homeowners-Fiction!

Warnings about smart meters, the devices used by electric companies to measure household use have gone viral in the Internet. Are the electric companies spying in our homes with these and are they harmful? Some warnings suggest calling the electric company and demanding that they replace these new meters with the old ones because they are vulnerable to hackers who intercept personal data through them.

Boycott of Estee Lauder called by Palestinians-Truth!

Pro-Palestinian Groups Have Called for a Boycott of Estee Lauder Products–Truth! Summary of eRumor: The email says that Arabs and Muslims around the world are being asked to boycott cosmetic giant Estee Lauder corporation.  That is because of the president of Estee Lauder Ron Lauder, being publicly supportive of Israel.   The Truth: The boycott …

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Butter versus Margarine-Truth! and Fiction!

Margarine or Butter-Truth! & Fiction! Summary of eRumor: A list of comparative facts about margarine and butter. The Truth: The heart of this eRumor, the comparison between butter and Margarine, has been circulating since 2005.  Later versions added the tidbit about Margarine being manufactured to fatten turkeys. We’ll go through the email one fact at …

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