Hillary Clinton Wants to Ban Beards-Fiction!

Hillary Clinton Wants to Ban Beards-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Hillary Clinton says beards are sexist and she’ll ban them if elected president in 2016.
The Truth:
Hillary Clinton hasn’t publicly announced plans to run for president, or to ban beards if she’s elected.

The bogus story was first reported by the Stately Harold website, which was launched in November 2014.

The Stately Harold reported that Clinton said, “Beards have no place in modern, tolerant America. We live in a culture where the masculine is always regarded as being superior to the feminine, beards are thus a prominent symbol of patriarchal oppression. Growing a beard is an action of hatred and misogyny, that will not be tolerated in my America.”

The report’s first gaff was introducing Clinton as the secretary of state, even though she resigned from the post in 2008. The report’s second mistake was reporting that Clinton said, “Vote Hillary 2016,” because she hasn’t publicly announced whether or not she’ll run.

The Stately Harold appears to be the latest of many “fake news” websites. Within weeks of its November 2014 launch, the website also reported a correlation between eating pancakes for breakfast and being gay, and that Justin Bieber had been infected with Ebola.

Posted 11/21/14