Bill and Hillary's NY house payment paid by the government-Fiction!

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s New York Home Mortgage is Being Covered By Secret Service PaymentsFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Bill and Hillary Clinton bought a house in New York, but there was no room for the Secret Service, so they built a special area for the Secret Service…and are charging the same amount for the Secret Service’s use of that area as their mortgage payment.

This eRumor is also sometimes circulated with the eRumor about Hillary Clinton refusing to meet with a group of mothers of veterans, which is also Fiction!  CLICK HERE for that story.

The Truth:

All presidents and former presidents are eligible for Secret Service protection and, according to a Secret Service spokesman, the presidents are reimbursed for any area of the home that is used by Secret Service agents.  The amount is based on a formula, however, not defined by the homeowner.  Based on that formula, Mr. Clinton would be eligible for more than $1,000, but he has declined the money for his New York home.