CNN Host Fareed Zakaria Calls for Jihad, Rape of White Women-Fiction!

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria Calls for Jihad, Rape of White Women-Fiction!
Summary of eRumor:
CNN host Fareed Zakaria has supposedly called for jihad and the rape of white women in a “private blog” post.
The Truth:
A fake news website is behind false reports that CNN host Fareed Zakari called for jihad and the rape of white women.
The rumor started with a report that appeared at the People’s Cube, which describes itself as a “people’s collective humor & satire” website with a fake socialist slant. The story quoted excerpts from Fareed Zakaria’s so-called “private blog”:

“The white race is rightfully failing because it is a foolish, arrogant, and self-absorbed ethnicity that has racism infused into its very genes. While the sharp incline of the death rate of white males is a good start, the solution to the ‘white question’ will not be reached until there is a sharp decline in the population of white females as well. Much more needs to be done in this regard if this country is ever to advance from its ignorant backwardness towards being an actually inhabitable nation.

Thankfully, the Prophet Muhammad has given us a foolproof way to speed up the decline of a vanquished nation by treating their women as our sex slaves. They may try and fight the unstoppable tide, but their resistance will grow only weaker as the white race loses its ability to keep its head above water. We may yet see some final convulsions before white Middle America is decreased to a manageable number where it can be more easily controlled.”

The fake report parodied and referenced an actual column that Fareed Zakaria wrote for the Washington Post. In that column, Zakaria, an Iranian-born man who immigrated to America as a child, questioned “America’s self-destructive whites.” Nowhere in that column (or any other), however, did Zakaria call for jihad or rape.