CNN Alert Announcing That Mitt Romney is Almost President-Virus!

CNN Alert Announcing That Mitt Romney is Almost President-Virus!

Summary of eRumor:

This appears to be a CNN Breaking News alert that says that “Mitt Romney is almost President” and that “more than 60 percent of votes will be in favor of Mitt Romney.”

The Truth:

This is a  fake CNN alert that could lead computer users to a “Blackhole malware attack”, according to an October 11 ,2012 article by Naked Security-Sophos.   The article said that the links in the email are designed to reroute web browsers to a site on the Internet that will infect the computer with a virus.

The easiest way to check questionable emails is to hover the mouse (without clicking any buttons) over the links in the suspected emails. Looking at the bottom border of the email window, an Internet location in the form of a URL to the website can be seen. If that link does not appear to be from the company sending the email it is a very good indication that it is a redirecting scam.

It is a good practice to never click links in unsolicited emails until the computer user is certain that the links are safe.  

If you think it might be a real story form a news agency it is much safer to surf straight to their front page where the story, if it is real, would be posted for all to read.

updated 10/21/12