Coca Cola Christmas Promotion-Virus!

Coca Cola “is proud to announce a new Christmas promotion”-Virus!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email announcing “a new Christmas Promotion” for 2008 from Coca Cola.  You could win a trip to the Bahamas and a life time supply of Coca Cola by playing an online game.

The Truth:

According to McAfee Inc, this email is infected with the W32/Xirtem@MM worm virus.  This is assessed as a low risk virus and up to date virus protection software should intercept and neutralize it.

The W32/Xirtem@MM, according to McAfee, “is a mass mailing worm that also spreads through removable media using autorun.inf, and also by copying itself to Shared folders of Peer-2-Peer applications.”

Other versions of this infected email may mention McDonalds and a card from Hallmark. 

Click here for the McAfee information page

updated 12/13/08