The congressional list of crimes and crooks-Truth! but Misleading!

Guess What Organization of More Than 500 Employees This Is?- Truth! & Misleading!

Summary of eRumor:
This email talks about an organization of more than 500 employees that has an array of spouse abusers, bad check artists, failures in business, shoplifters, and other criminals…and asks you to guess what organization it is.  It then tells you that it is referring to the United States Congress. Some versions of this eRumor may compare Congress to NBA or NFL.
The Truth: cannot vouch for every allegation in this email, but it is not fabricated.  Although the eRumor that is circulated doesn’t say it, these figures come from a series of articles by the website CAPITOL HILL BLUE (
Also, their research covers both present and past members of Congress, so the email is misleading in leaving the impression that the statistics are referring to the present Congress.
They are from the work of Capitol Hill Blue editor Jack Sharp, researcher Marilyn Crosslyn, and private Investigator James Hargill.  In the articles, they don’t document every instance of wrongdoing, but they claim to have it.