Coke will give you free cans of soda for forwarding an email-Fiction!

Coca-Cola is Offering Free Cases of Coke for Circulating an Email about the Product-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
An email claims that if you’ll send a copy of it to as many people as you can, everybody on the list will receive four free cases of Coca-Cola.
The Truth:
It’s not true.  It’s not possible.  Coke has denied it.  This is another of the rumors that plays into people’s fear that everything you do on a computer can be known by someone else.   There is no way Coca-Cola would be able to keep track of your having emailed other people about their product.  Every version of the rumor also says that you are to send it to as many people as you can and when you’re finished, a screen from Coke will pop up asking where you want the Coke sent.  The obvious problem with that is how would the Coke computer know when you were finished?  On their website, Coke talks about the rumor and says, “The Coca-Cola Company is not offering free cases of its products to people in the E-mail and is not attempting to build a database by asking consumers to forward the message to their friends.”
For more information:   
The Coca-Cola website Go to “News” then the FAQ page.