Bill Cosby About Jeremiah Wright?-Unproven!

Comment by Comedian Bill Cosby About the Rev. Jeremiah Wright-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

An article said to have been in the Wall Street Journal in which comedian Bill Cosby comments on The Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the African-American community in the United States.

The Truth:

This was not from an “article” in the Wall Street Journal. 

It was from the Wall Street Journal blog a “comment” section in which readers can attach their responses to an article.

In this case a Wall Street Journal article was posted in the blog on April 28, 2008 titled Rev. Wright Talks About Reconciliation.

The text that was circulated in the eRumor was one of many comments submitted by readers and was described as having been written by “Bill Cosby.”  There is no evidence whether it was the comedian, someone else with the same name, or someone simply claiming to be Bill Cosby.

Wright became nationally known during the 2008 presidential primary campaign as the former pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.  He became a focus of controversy when politically charged clips of some of Wright’s past sermons circulated on the Internet.

Update 5/23/08