Poem about a car crash and the miraculous survival of twin boys-Fiction!

Poem about a Car Crash and the Miraculous Survival of Twin BoysFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
This poem is about an accident caused on “highway 109” by a drunk driver. A woman was trapped in her car and prayed that God would spare her four-year-old twin boys who had been strapped in car seats in the back seat. She looked in the back, saw the empty car seats and mangled wreckage, but not her boys.
Firefighters had to cut the mom loose from the car, but they did not find the
twins, even though their seat belts were still in place. Then a police officer says the boys are in his car and are fine. The twins said their dad rescued them, gave them an ice cream cone, and told them to wait for their mother to take them home. But…the father had died sometime prior to the accident and the mother remembered that his last words were that he would watch over them.

The Truth:  
This is a piece of inspirational fiction written by poet Ruth Gillis.