Denny’s Waitress Assaulted by Muslim Men for Serving Bacon-Fiction!

Denny’s Waitress Assaulted by Muslim Men for Serving Bacon-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A report that two Muslim men assaulted a Denny’s waitress because she served pork during Ramadan has gone viral.
The Truth:
A fake news website is behind this false report of a Denny’s waitress being assaulted for serving bacon during Ramadan.
The story originated at JTXH News under the headline “Denny’s Waitress Assaulted by Muslims for Serving Bacon During Ramadan” that begins:

ROUND ROCK TX: A Denny’s waitress was allegedly assaulted by two Muslim men for serving pork during Ramadan.

The woman, an 18 year old that had just graduated high school, was working at a local Denny’s restaurant when she was reportedly insulted by two passers-by on Wednesday.

The men are said to have started to abuse her when they saw she was serving bacon to customers, The Times reported.

She said one of the men screamed she was a “whore” and slapped her across the face, leaving her with a black eye after she was knocked to the ground.

The story was widely shared on social media, and many believed that it was an actual news report about a waitress being assaulted for doing her job.
However, JTXH News is a relatively new fake news website that was launched in April 2016. The site doesn’t clearly identify itself as fake or satirical news, which often leads to confusion.
The fake Denny’s report even generated enough interest that the Statesman, a daily newspaper based in Austin, contacted local police about it:

Round Rock police spokesperson Angelique Myers said there is no truth to the story. “The website is not one bit credible,” she said by email.

Despite its lack of credibility, the story has been shared through social media and has garnered 61 comments on the website as of Wednesday afternoon. Most of the comments condemn the two men and contain anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Alfonso Ruiz, an operating partner for the Denny’s restaurants in Round Rock and New Braunfels, said the corporate arm of the restaurant franchise made him aware of the story.

“It’s unbelievable because I’m in my restaurant all the time,” he said. “I don’t know how they’d come up with a story like this.”

In its short lifespan, JTXH News has (falsely) reported on a NASA announcement about “God and Religion,” and that Chic-fil-A is considering banning “anyone who can’t figure out their gender.”
The story of a Denny’s waitress being assaulted by two Muslim men for serving bacon falls into the same category as those two stories: fake news.