Did a Florida Congressional Candidate Tweet That White Women Join Black Lives Matter ‘to Fornicate With Black Men’?

On July 16 2020, purported screenshots of a tweet by Florida congressional candidate KW Miller began circulating; in them, Miller appeared to assert that white women “join Black Lives Matter” with the sole intent of “fornicating with black men”:

However, the tweet spread primarily as a screenshot in iterations we found. Miller himself tweeted a screenshot of the tweet, as well as a “nice try, hackers” comment:

In that context, it looked as if Miller might be claiming that the tweet was fabricated rather than the result of a compromised account, but it was not entirely clear if he was claiming that someone gained access to his account, or if someone created a fake tweet to disparage him and his views.

TheRoot.com reported on Miller’s racist purported tweet, adding that they had “no idea what the ‘K’ or ‘W’ stands for and [] don’t care to look it up” and referring to Miller as “Karen’s widower.” In his response, Miller clarified that he was alleging that his account had been compromised — presumably for that tweet and that tweet alone:

In any event, the tweet itself is real. It was archived twice on July 15 2020, and read:

Most white women join Black Lives Matter to fornicate with black men.

As such, KW Miller’s account tweeted and deleted a remark about white women only joining Black Lives Matter for the purpose of having sex with black men. Miller later claimed that his account’s security had been breached, but he offered no evidence.