Clinton Pilot Dimitri Noonan Found Dead After Revealing Details of Clinton/Lynch Meeting-Fiction!

Clinton Pilot Dimitri Noonan Found Dead After Revealing Clinton/Lynch Meeting-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Pilot Dmitri Noonan,was found dead in July 2017 after he disclosed what Bill Clinton, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and House Speaker Paul Ryan discussed during a meeting on an airplane that he was flying.
The Truth:
Claims that Clinton pilot Dmitri Noonan was found dead stem from a series of fabricated news reports.
The rumor unfolded on July 13, 2017, when Last Line of Defense published a story under the headline, “Clinton/Lynch Pilot Breaks His Silence On What Was Said…And Who Was There.” The report claims that Dmitri Noonan overheard a conversation between Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Paul Ryan on an airplane, and it speculates that Noonan would be the next victim of the “Clinton killing machine” for divulging these details:

“The three of them sat like old friends and discussed strategies and made treaties. Clinton’s crimes were to be set aside until his wife finished 2 terms of working with Republicans to shore up the base and ‘move away from these Trump loving racists’ as Ryan put it.

Lynch would seal the deal by not investigating the Clintons further. Ryan gets to remain Speaker, the Democrats get the Senate and the White House and 2024 is up for grabs.”

But Last Line of Defense is a self-described fake news website. The site’s disclaimer states that it “present fiction as fact and our sources don’t actually exist,” so it’s reporting should not be considered factual.
And, disclaimer aside, a photo that supposedly shows Dmitri Noonan appearing with the story is actually a stock image of a “confident pilot” that can be found on Shutterstock — not Noonan:

dmitri noonan found dead
A stock image of “a confident pilot” has been misidentified as Clinton pilot Dmitri Noonan.

Although Dmitri Noonan isn’t a real pilot, and the original report was a work of a fiction, new follow-up reports had emerged by July 19th that Dmitri Noonan had been found dead. Fringe websites speculated that the Clintons had Noonan killed, which plays into the long-running “Clinton body count” conspiracy theory that the Clintons have been murdering their political opponents for decades.