Dolly Kyle Makes Claims in “Hillary the Other Woman” Book-Disputed!

Dolly Kyle Makes Claims in “Hillary the Other Woman” Book-Disputed!

Summary of eRumor:
Dolly Kyle makes accusations about Hillary Clinton in her book, “Hillary the Other Woman.”
The Truth:
Dolly Kyle has been making accusations about having affairs with Bill Clinton and about Hillary Clinton for decades — but these claims haven’t been definitively proven true or false.
Dolly Kyle is a former classmate of Bill Clinton’s and has long claimed she had an on-and-off affair with him through the early 1990s. In her latest book, “Hillary the Other Woman,” Kyle makes the case that Bill and Hillary’s relationship was solely for political gain and explains how Hillary was able to silence her.
First, in order to provide some background,  it’s important to take a step back to look at Dolly Kyle’s public exchanges with the Clintons over the years. These allegations aren’t new — she’s been making them for decades.
In 1998, Dolly Kyle Browning filed a lawsuit that alleged the Clintons and their people had tried to prevent her from publishing a book that was “loosely based” on her relationship with Bill. A federal judge in the case ruled that “the case was so flawed there was no need to proceed with depositions or a trial,” ABC News reported:

Browning says she went to high school with Bill Clinton and his brother Roger in Hot Springs, Ark. in the 1960s. She alleged she became friends with the future president and carried on an extramarital sexual affair with him from the mid-1970s until roughly 1991.

Her lawsuit centers on handwritten notes President Clinton made about a 1994 conversation the two had in Arkansas at their 30th high school reunion. At a 1998 deposition in the Paula Jones case, Clinton said he wrote out the three pages in order to protect himself against untrue claims Browning was making about an affair.

“She basically said she didn’t want me to be her friend and she was mad at me because I’d never been her lover,” Clinton said at the deposition.

Browning alleged the notes falsely denied their relationship. But the judge said Clinton was protected by the fact that the notes were only made public as a result of their being filed in the Jones lawsuit. Bryant ruled that Clinton’s production of the notes in that context was “absolutely privileged” and could not be held against him.

In a transcript of Dolly Kyle’s deposition in the Paula Jones case, she said her relationship with Bill “ended abruptly” when he stopped returning her calls in 1992. She added that Clinton’s people threatened to destroy her if she went public with the accusations, but that Bill later apologized in a meeting at their high school reunion in 1994. She also challenged the idea that Clinton wrote up notes to protect himself against her false allegations:

Our conversation began with my confronting him for not returning my call in early 1992. This lead to a discussion of many things, including his affair with Gennifer Flowers. I reminded him that he had threatened to destroy me and he said he was sorry. We discussed many other things. At the end of the conversation he asked me to come to Washington. He said “You can live on the hill. I can help you find a job.”

I have reviewed the notes attached to this declaration as Exhibit A. I can state unequivocally that those notes are not an accurate account of the conversation or of the entire evening. The notes attributed to Marsha Scott are false. She did not stand by Billy Clinton during my conversation with him. Neither she nor anyone other than possibly the two male Secret Service Agents were in a position to hear our conversation. At no time during the conversation did I say that any statement I had made to him or about our relationship was false.

Dolly Kyle then took aim at Hillary Clinton in Edward Klein’s “The Truth About Hillary” book. Hillary’s people have called “blatant and vicious fabrications contrived by someone who writes trash for cash.”
Slate recounts Dolly Kyle Browning statements about Hillary:

Pages 91-92: Dolly Kyle Browning, who says she was Bill Clinton’s longtime mistress, tells Klein that Bill asked her to pray for Hillary to get pregnant. “He and Hillary never had much of a sexual relationship,” she explains. “Also, Billy had a low sperm count, and he and Hillary were going to a fertility specialist in California. They had been trying for quite a while without any success.”

Page 84: Dolly Kyle Browning on Hillary when she arrived in Arkansas to help with the 1974 Congressional race: “You should have seen her! No, you should have smelled her.”

In the lead up to the release of her book, Dolly Kyle said “Hillary Clinton’s nomination shames women” and that Hillary was a borderline sociopath in an interview with WND.
So, Dolly Kyle has been making accusations about Bill and Hillary Clinton for decades, but they’re impossible to fact check because they’re all based on personal conversations or exchanges that can’t be independently verified. The Clintons have disputed Kyle’s claims — and she’s disputed theirs.