Donald Trump Joked About Dating His Own Daughter?

A long-standing story about disgraced former U.S. President Donald Trump involves him objectifying his own daughter over decades, notoriously claiming that he would date her himself were they not related.

In 2006, Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka appeared on the current events-focused talk show The View to promote his reality television series The Apprentice.

During the appearance, one of the hosts asked Trump how he would feel if his daughter posed for Playboy. Trump replied:

“It would be really disappointing — not really — but it would depend on what’s inside the magazine.”

He added: “I don’t think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

A representative for Trump later told reporters that the real estate mogul “was absolutely joking” and was attempting to poke fun at himself for dating younger women.

Ten years later, in 2016, CNN ran a retrospective on questionable comments Trump had made about his daughter. And as Politico reported at the time, there was a lot more to unearth:

The publication of the exchange comes one day after The Washington Post published a recording of Trump making crude, sexual remarks about women, including a statement that he “did try and fuck” a married woman and a declaration that he often got away with groping women because “when you’re a star they let you do it.” In the 2005 clip published by the Post, Trump told Access Hollywood host Billy Bush he would “grab [women] by the pussy” and added that “you can do anything” to them.

In the 2004 interview with Stern, Trump tells the host that “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” to which Stern interjects, “by the way, your daughter.” Trump finishes Stern’s sentence by repeating “she’s beautiful.”

“Can I say this? A piece of ass,” Stern says in the clip. “Yeah,” Trump replies.

According to a book released in 2023 by a former Trump staffer, the lewd talk about his daughter (and other women) only escalated once he became President of the United States:

While president, Donald Trump made sexual comments about his daughter Ivanka in front of his employees that were so lewd and disturbing that he was rebuked by his one-time chief of staff John Kelly, a former Trump official writes in a new book.

“Aides said he talked about Ivanka Trump’s breasts, her backside, and what it might be like to have sex with her, remarks that prompted Kelly to remind the president that Ivanka was his daughter,” writes Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, in his new book….

“Trust me, this is not a healthy workplace for women,” he claimed a senior Trump staffer — DHS’s Kirstjen Nielsen — whispered to him at one point. Nielsen resigned in 2019.

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