Donald Trump Removed from Primary Ballots in 5 States-Fiction!

Donald Trump Removed from Primary Ballots in 5 States-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
It’s been rumored that Donald Trump has been removed from GOP primary ballots in five states.
The Truth:
Donald Trump hasn’t been pulled from any GOP primary ballots, let alone from primary ballots in 5 states.
Rumors that Trump would be pulled from ballots in “upwards of FIVE states” started with a report published by the Christian Times newspaper on December 23, 2015. The report, headlined, “BREAKING: Five states REMOVE Trump from GOP Primary Ballot!” claimed that Trump had been pulled from the ballots because “his candidacy was invalid per state laws.” According to the report:
Election judges in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida all allegedly forwarded messages to the Trump campaign on Wednesday informing the Republican front-runner that his candidacy was invalid per state laws.  If not resolved by February 1st, Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination is effectively over.
To make its case, the Christian Times linked to a news story from New Hampshire that actually debunks the claim that Trump had been removed from the ballot there. The report from ABC affiliate WMUR, dated November 24th, said that the Ballot Law Commission had thrown a challenge to Trump’s eligibility to appear on the GOP primary ballot:

After a hearing that lasted about two minutes, the five-member commission voted unanimously that the challenge filed by Fergus Cullen was without merit because New York state election records clearly show that Trump is a registered Republican in that state.

“Why are we here?” commission chairman Brad Cook asked Cullen.

“This isn’t about whether we like Donald Trump,” Cook said. “If ‘Republican enough’ is what this commission had to do, heaven forbid, we’d be here all day.”

“You are challenging someone’s filing,” Cook said. “This commission is not the forum for speeches or electioneering or advancing any other candidate. If you have any information that he is not in fact a Republican, then share it with us.”

Cullen replied, “I do not have that information.”

The commission then voted to dismiss the challenge.

Other claims made in the Christian Times report are easy to debunk as well. Nevada and Iowa don’t even hold primary elections to select presidential candidates. Major political parties hold caucuses “at dates, times, and locations that they determine” to stump for candidates, according to state election policies. It would be impossible for Trump to be removed from primary ballots in those states because they don’t even have primary ballots.
Although the claim that Trump had been removed from GOP primary ballots in five states is easy enough to disprove, a blog sites that re-reported the false story have sparked panic among Trump supports that elections officials were conspiring against him.
Rest assured, Donald Trump hasn’t been removed from any primary ballots.