John Kerry's hometown paper endorses Bush for President?-Truth!

John Kerry’s Hometown Newspaper Endorses George Bush For PresidentTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

The forwarded email includes what appears to be an editorial said to be from the Lowell, Massachusetts Sun Newspaper, endorsing George Bush for President over John Kerry.   The eRumor says that Lowell is the hometown of John Kerry.

The Truth:

John Kerry first ran for congress as a resident of Lowell, Massachusetts.

The city’s newspaper, the Lowell Sun, did endorse George Bush for president in early October, 2004.

More recently, John Kerry hails from Boston where the two major newspapers split on endorsing presidential candidates.

The Boston Globe has endorsed Kerry, while the Boston Herald endorsed President Bush.

Interestingly, the newspaper in President Bush’s adopted hometown of Crawford, Texas, the weekly Lone Star Iconoclast, endorsed John Kerry.

Updated 10/28/04