Fashion Designer Michael Kors Tired of Pretending to Like Black People – Fiction!

Fashion Designer Michael Kors Tired of Pretending to Like Black People – Fiction!

Summary of eRumor: 

Fashion Designer Michael Kors said he is tired of pretending to like black people.

The Truth:

A fake news website started this false eRumor.

The website NahaDaily published a story on January 6, 2015, that claimed fashion designer Michael Kors went public with his dislike of black people. The article has since been deleted from the website, but its relics can still be found online:

“Just for the sake of a sale I can deal with women like Nicki Minaj? I’d rather not. After all very own fans made me money, It’s singular fair I be honest and let these types of know how I really feel, ” Michael Kors said.

“I can’t stomach the very idea of my Michael Kors purses literally stuffed with synthetic hair, weave and / or maybe what ever else my fans enjoy. ”

Of course, Michael Kors never made those comments. A NahaDaily disclaimer states that the website is, “Completely fictional and is based off of current events in urban culture and entertainment. This is satire and parody.”

Still, the fake report about Michael Kors quickly spread on social media and duped many readers. People like this commenter vowed to boycott Kors’ products after reading the false report:

“I purchased a Michael Kors purse with being ignorant to the fact that this man felt this way about Black People. Had I had any knowledge about this man’s hatred toward the African American consumer, I would not have shed a dime of my money into his pockets to help him become that much richer. I advise all consumers regardless of race, creed, color or background to halt the support of designers or any establishment that condones racism which is a major factor in holding this country back of its full potential!!!” previously covered a similar false claim. In that one, that the CEO of Timberland allegedly said he’d “rather not see blacks or Latinos” wearing his company’s boots. Click HERE for that story.