Soldier's message in Iraq spelled out in flags-A Joke!

Graphic Message On Soldier’s Shoulder Using Flags-A Joke!

Summary of eRumor:
No text in this forwarded email, but a story in pictures.
A U.S. soldier with the regulation U.S. flag at the top of his right shoulder, then a patch that says “Doing the work of” followed by the flags of Russia, Germany, and France, all countries that declined to participate in the coalition forces in Iraq in 2003.

The Truth:

This is either a doctored picture or a real picture that is part of a bit of humor on the soldier’s part.
We have not found its origins or an explanation.
The American flag is authentic and is now able to be worn on the right shoulder of soldiers in uniform and a move is afoot to require it.
One reader pointed out that the American flag appears to be reversed so that means the photo might be a fake.
The but the American flag in this picture is being displayed correctly.
According to the Marlow White company, a supplier of uniforms and accessories to soldiers, it is required that the American flag on a uniform be displayed with the starts toward the front, as though it were waving behind in the wind.