Amazing Video of a Flying Lawnmower-Truth!

Amazing Video of a Flying Lawnmower-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
A forwarded video of what appears to be a lawnmower defying the laws of gravity with an impressive display of aerial acrobatic maneuvers.
The Truth:
The video is real but the flying lawnmower is a model airplane called the “Sky Cutter“.

The aerodynamic toy disguised as a grass cutter comes in kit form, has a wing span of 24.5″ and weighs about 6 pounds.  The Sky Cutter  and is made of light weight foam, balsa wood and light ply wood.  Some versions claim that it has a jet engine but it uses gasoline powered propeller type engine for propulsion.

Once assembled, it is operated from the ground by a radio remote control.

updated 02/08/10