An Account Of A Ceremony That Takes Place Every Friday At The Pentagon-Truth!

An Account Of A Ceremony That Takes Place Every Friday At The Pentagon-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded story by Joseph L. Galloway that tells of U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Bateman’s account of a ceremony that takes place every Friday at the U.S. Pentagon to honor the wounded service men and women.

The Truth:

The ceremony is real and a regular Friday event at the Pentagon.  Recovering wounded servicemen and women from the local D.C. military hospitals are brought in, honored and treated to a luncheon that is hosted by the Pentagon brass. 

Joseph L. Galloway is a syndicated military correspondent who wanted to make his Memorial Day article special for the McClatchy Newspapers on May 23, 2007.  He asked his friend, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Robert Bateman, if he could include his essay about the special weekly Pentagon event for the wounded soldiers.  

Forwarded versions of this article has been circulating on the internet since 2007 which might have been altered and titled differently.   The correct title of Galloway’s article is “A must-read for Memorial Day, 5/23/07.”   Click for article.

Bateman’s account also appeared a year later in the Washington Post on September 19, 2008 under the title of “Fridays In The Pentagon.”  At the end of the article, Bateman added that he did not write the last line on the versions that ended with, “Did you know that?”  Some forwarded versions went as far to say “No? That’s because the Media hasn’t told you!” which was not written by Bateman either.

updated 03/15/10