Special GI insurance dividend for veterans-Fiction!

Special GI Insurance Dividend for VeteransFiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The claim is that U.S. military veterans are eligible for a special insurance dividend passed by Congress.  You will not receive it unless you ask for it.  You are given a form to fill out and to send to an address in Philadelphia.  The eRumor outlines how much will be paid for various terms of service in the military.

The Truth:

According to the Veteran’s Administration, this is a false rumor that has been circulating in various forms since the 1960’s.

The eRumor claims that Congress has passed legislation giving both current and former military personnel a dividend on GI insurance.  It outlines how much can be received for various years of military service…but specifies that if you don’t apply for it, you won’t get it.

The VA says there is no such legislation and that the only dividends being paid are in response to active government life insurance policies.

It does not appear to be a scam originated by crooks.  The VA calls it something that “well meaning” people have circulated in trying to help military veterans.  The eRumor does not ask for money but urges veterans to send a form to a post office box in Philadelphia that is an authentic Veterans Administration address.

The VA says the original rumor that started in the 60’s made the same claim except that it applied to World War II veterans and their families.

CLICK HERE for more info from the Veterans Administration.