Sean Hannity Reported on Islamic Training Camps in the US-Truth!

Sean Hannity Reported on Islamic Training Camps in the US-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
An email with a link to an video of a news report by Fox News Sean Hannity warning that 35 Islamic terrorist training camps have been set up in the US.
The Truth:
Sean Hannity hosts his own program on the Fox News Network and reported this on February 16, 2009.  The transcript of this report is posted on the Fox News website. Click here for transcript

According to his report, “a new investigation by the Christian Action Network has uncovered some disturbing information about the spread of homegrown terrorists and what they mean for America.”

Hannity reported that  “the group Muslims of America, or Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as they’re called in Pakistan, have established over 35 communities across the U.S.  The group claims to be peaceful, but a videotape uncovered by the Christian Action Network shows that they can have a much more sinister side.”

According to the report Muslims of America is led by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani,” a Pakistani national best known for allegedly setting up journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. Pearl was on the way to meet with him when he was abducted and eventually gruesomely beheaded.”

The video showed them training in guerilla warfare, hand to hand combat and firearms techniques.

YouTube Video of Hannity’s report

Hannity interviewed Martin Mawyer of the  Christian Action Network group that uncovered the camps and asked him why law enforcement agencies would allow these camps to remain open.   To this Mawer reposponded, “Well, we spent two and a half years investigating this group, and during that time we interviewed law enforcement about why these groups, why these facilities were allowed to exist in the United States.”

updated 03/08/09