U.S. Presidential Candidate Herman Cain's Bio-Truth!

U.S. Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s Bio-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

The biography of presidential candidate Herman Cain is circulating on the World Wide Web.

The Truth:

Herman Cain is a businessman who is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.   We compared this bio with the one posted on the web site for presidential candidate Herman Cain and it appears to be accurate.  Click for Official Cain Bio

As far as a timeline of accomplishments, not all the facts listed in the circulating bio were found on the candidates website but additional facts have been found on other bios posted on the Internet as well as the candidate’s book, This Is Herman Cain!

Cain earned his Bachelors in Mathematics at Morehouse College in 1967, went on to Purdue to earn his Masters in Computer Science in 1971.  He now serves as a member of the board of trustees at Morehouse.  Click for Morehouse bio    

According to his book, This is Herman Cain!, he completed his masters in one year while he was employed as a mathematician with the Department of the Navy.   Cain left the Navy job to work for Coca Cola at the age of 27.  When he was 32 Cain went to work for Pillsbury where he set a personal goal of working his way to a vice president position by the time he was forty.  One year later, at the age of 33 Cain was promoted to vice president of systems at Pillsbury. From there Cain went on to his successful career with Pillsbury’s Burger King and eventually was asked to take charge of another division at Pillsbury, Godfather’s Pizza.

updated 10/06/11