Bill and Hillary pensions and house payment-Fiction!

Bill and Hillary Pensions and House Payment-Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:

The message alleges that even if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is not reelected, she’ll get her full salary as a pension.  If she dies, it goes to Bill Clinton.  If Bill Clinton dies, his full presidential pension goes to Hillary.  And, they are having the government pay their house payment in New York.

The Truth:

This “don’t re-elect Hillary” message is composed of a string of false stories.

Although the compensation and retirement benefits of members of Congress are controversial, it is not true that Senator Clinton would leave office with her full congressional salary.  According to the National Taxpayers Union, the pension for members of Congress varies depending on tenure in office, age of retirement, and the average salary when they left.  It can also take other federal service into account.  No one, however, leaves office with a pension that equals full congressional salary and especially not after just one term.  

As former president, Bill Clinton does receive a pension, but it is reduced upon his death.

The story about the Clintons financing their house payment by charging for the Secret Service is not true.  CLICK HERE for details on that.

Updated 11/4/01