Giant hogs killed by hunters in Georgia-Truth!

Giant Hogs Killed by Hunters in GeorgiaTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

A story with a picture says that a feral hog of 1,000 pounds was killed by a couple of men in Georgia recently.  Then a later eRumor says that was bested by an 11-year old hunter in Georgia to shot an even larger animal.

The Truth:

We originally had this one listed as Unproven! because there was no verification of the story apart from the two men who said they killed the hog on June 17, 2004.

As part of a documentary on feral pigs, National Geographic sent an expert to Georgia to try to find the buried remains of the giant hog and to both estimate its size and to try to figure out exactly what type of pig it was.  With the help of the hunting guide who shot the pig, Chris Griffin, the remains were found and it did turn out to be a really big animal.

The stories circulated on the Internet estimated its weight to be 1,000 pounds, which was close. National Geographic estimated the original weight to be 800 pounds and said the pig was about 7 1/2 feet in length, a lot of bacon.

Through DNA tests they also determined that it was a mix between domestic and wild pig.

In May, 2007, 11-year old Jamison Stone said he bagged a trophy boar that weighed 1,051 pounds—and he shot it with a pistol—also in Georgia.

Pictures of the big hog can be seen at:

Last updated 5/30/07