Worms or Maggots Found in Huggies Diapers – Truth!

Worms or Maggots Found in Huggies Diapers – Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Reports have gone viral on social media that a mother found worms (or maggots) inside unused Huggies diapers.

The Truth:

It’s true that a mother found maggots inside several pairs of unused Huggies diapers, but it’s not clear how they got there.

A Facebook user claimed on October 16, 2014, that she found “living, worm-type maggot things” inside a pair of Huggies diapers worn by her daughter. The mother then checked the rest of the unused diapers in the package and found maggots inside those diapers, too.

Kimberly-Clark, the company that manufactures and markets Huggies diapers, told TruthorFiction.com that it was working directly with the customer to understand what happened and why.

“Based on the information provided by the consumer, the diapers purchased were manufactured in 2013, so we don’t believe the infestation could have occurred in the manufacturing process, since maggots couldn’t have survived for that length of time,” Kimberly-Clark External Communications Director Bob Brand told TruthorFiction.com. “At this point, our investigation has not been able to pinpoint where or how the problem occurred.”

Brand added that this type of complaint is “highly unusual” and said Kimberly-Clarke takes “extensive measures” to prevent this type of situation.

This isn’t the first time that claims have surfaced about alleged wormed-infested Huggies. The Shanghai Daily reported in July 2013 that a couple found worms inside a case of diapers that they had purchased months earlier.

“We were shocked to see worms squirming from the baby’s hip,” the father told the newspaper.

The Shanghai Daily reported that Kimberly-Clark said it had talked to the couple and offered to refund or exchange the diapers. The company also asked for a sample of the diaper to help determine if the worms were present during packaging.

Posted 10/20/14