Hurricane Harvey Flooding Uncovers Secret Stash of Obama Administration Ammo-Fiction!

Hurricane Harvey Flooding Uncovers Secret Stash of Obama Administration Ammo-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Hurricane Harvey flooding led to the discovery of ammunition that the Obama administration hid in a small Texas town called Lexmar.
The Truth:
False that the Hurricane Harvey flooding led to the discovery of ammo stashed by the Obama administration in Texas are based on a misidentified photo of an ammo stockpile in Russia from 2011.
The report appeared at the website under the headline, “Harvey Flooding Uncovers Secret Stash of Ammo Hidden by Obama Administration,” on September 4, 2017.

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A fake news report that Hurricane Harvey flooding revealed ammo stockpiles hidden by the Obama administration surfaced in September 2017.

The website reported that the Obama administration had refused to comment on 200 million rounds of ammunition that supposedly went missing, and about 10% of it was uncovered outside the small Texas town of Lexmar after Hurricane Harvey floods receded:

The questions that do remain will have to be answered. There are 180 million rounds of ammunition out there that could be slated for use by an invasion force led by Barack Hussein Obama.
He has almost a billion dollars worth of weapons and equipment. Having stockpiles of automatic rifle ammo, hand grenades and mortar shells dispersed around the country would come in awfully handy in an all-out ground assault.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the stockpile is being carefully inventoried to try to establish a chain of custody.
The first hint that the report is a hoax is that there’s no town in Texas called “Lexmar.” The second clue is that a photo of the so-called ammo stockpile in Texas dates back to 2010, and it was taken from a blog post about how the Russian army stores and transports ammo. A caption appearing with the photo explains, “Here is just one example of open storage of shells. There are about 90 railroad cars of 125 mm high-explosive shells in this dump. Not surprising that something always explodes in such storages.”
So, given that Lexmar, Texas, doesn’t exist, and that the photo of ammo reserves was taken in Russia in 2010, we’re calling reports that Hurricane Harvey flooding uncovered Obama-era ammo reserves “fiction.”