Gas Rationing because of Hurricane Katrina?-Fiction!

Gas Rationing is Planned in the Aftermath of Hurricane KatrinaFiction!

Summary of eRumor:

This is an email that started shortly after Hurricane Katrina in the United States saying that an oil refinery called together the employees and told them to keep their tanks full because gas rationing will be starting soon.

The Truth: has not found any substantiation for this story.
It is written in the unconvincing way of false eRumors.
At the time that it started circulating, almost immediately after Hurricane Katrina, there had not been enough assessment of the impact of the Hurricane on American oil supplies to have predicted whether rationing would be necessary or whether the President would authorize dipping into U.S. oil reserves.  There was some short term localized gas rationing after the hurricanes but nothing on a national scale. 
It is the kind of email that seems to get started after a disaster but for which there is no documented source, no specific details as to which employees at which refinery were told this or who originated the email.

Last updated 9/1/05