Forward an email for the Red Cross for victims of hurricane Katrina-Fiction!

The American Red Cross is Donating Fifty Cents for Every Fifty Emails Forwarded for Victims of Hurricane KatrinaFiction!

Summary of eRumor:

There are a couple of versions of this eRumor.
One is said to be from a person named Brenda or Loily and says that the Red Cross has offered to give fifty cents for every email that she and her co-workers send.
She asks that when the number of forwards reaches 50 the email be sent back to her.
The second asks you to forward an email from the Red Cross to others that will generate fifty cents for Hurricane Katrina victims for every fifty emails that are forwarded.

The Truth: regards both of these email as hoaxes and for a couple of reasons.

First, the American Red Cross needs all the help it can get for hurricane relief in the Gulf states of the U.S., but it is not asking for it through forwarded emails.

Second, here is no system being used on the Internet to trace forwarded emails for the purpose of compensating yourself or anyone else.

This is a very common type of eRumor in the aftermath of a disaster.

This one is a bit unusual in that it asks to be sent back to the originator after 50 names have accumulated.
Don’t get suckered into a hoax, especially one that is going to put your and your friends’ email addresses into the hands of a stranger.

If you wanted to donate to the American Red Cross, go to their official website at:

Updated 9/3/05