Jada, a newborn who is very ill and you can help by forwarding an email-Fiction!

Jada is a Newborn Who Needs Medical Help and You Can Provide it By Forwarding Emails-



Summary of eRumor:
This email says it’s from Anna Cohen from Albany, New York and that her granddaughter, Jada, is an infant in serious medical trouble.  She says the baby was born prematurely and has been moved from New York to California.  A California billionaire has promised to donate five cents for each email that is forwarded about little Jada.  Some versions identify the girl as Jade.

The Truth:

This is a hoax.  No grandmother or baby of these descriptions can be found and there is no billionaire offering money for emails.  There is no way for him to know whether the emails have been forwarded.  This is in the form of a common hoax that is making the rounds of the Internet.