Actress Jane Fonda has become a born-again Christian-Truth!

Actress Jane Fonda has Become a Born Again Christian-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
Jane Fonda is said to have “accepted Christ as her personal Savior” and is being helped in her new faith by Christians in the Atlanta area.
The Truth:

According to those who were close to Jane Fonda when she first made the decision to declare her Christianity 1n 1998, she was enthusiastic about her decision to become a Christian and was deeply affected by the Christians who were in her life at that time.
According to published articles, she was attending the Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, an African-American church.
Fonda confirmed her Christian commitment and that she was attending the church in an interview in Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine in 2000.
She had said very little about her faith until 2005 when she published her book, “My Life So Far.”
In the book she said that when she turned 60 and began to deal with an eating disorder in her life, she also felt that something was missing and turned to Christianity.
She had not told her husband Ted Turner about becoming a Christian but when he learned of it, she says it was one of the factors that broke up their marriage.
She said that she knows it was not fair to keep the news of her faith from him, but that she was “…yearning for the spiritual that I had not had.  And I knew that if I told him or asked him before I did it, that he would talk me out of it.”
Turner is from a Christian background and even once considered becoming a missionary, but has been critical of Christianity and once called it “a religion for losers” but later apologized.
In her book, Fonda talks openly and passionately about her Christianity and how much it has meant to her but that like her life, her faith is still progressing.
When she made the decision to become a Christian it was within the context of Evangelical Christian friendships but in the book she avoids describing that event in detail.
She said she regards herself as a “feminist Christian” and is trying to reconcile that what she calls the “patriarchal, hierarchal structure” of Christianity.

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