jdbgmgr.exe virus warning-Fiction!

Delete jdbgmgr.exe  From Your Windows Command Folder Because It’s a Virus-Fiction!



Summary of eRumor    
An email warns you that a new virus is spreading and will activate on a certain date.  Many versions also describe how the sender of the email searched his or her computer and found the file so is warning you in case the contamination was passed along.  The offending file is named
jdbgmgr.exe and you get instructions on how to find and delete the file both from your hard disk and from the recycle bin in Windows.  Some versions also identify it as the “Teddy Bear” virus because of the design of the icon for the file.

The Truth:

This is a false warning.  If you follow the instructions in the eRumor, you will be deleting a valid file, not a virus.

is a Windows file associated with Java.

Fortunately, even if you did delete the file, it should not cause major problems and Windows should continue to work normally.  You will want to get the file back, however, so your Windows installation will be in complete working order.  Without the file, the handling of some filenames may be affected if they become corrupted. 

It is identical to another false virus warning about a file named sulfnbk.exe.

The icon for the real file does have a teddy bear on it.

To provide the best protection for your computer, be sure you have good virus protection software and that the virus definitions for it are up to date.

Note:  Even though this virus warning is a hoax, there is a real virus called BugBear that should not be confused with it.

If you’ve deleted the file and want to get it back
for Microsoft Instructions for various versions of Windows.
The instructions are for restoring the sulfnbk.exe file, but can be used for restoring the
jdbgmgr.exe file as well.

Last updated 04/8/03

I found this on my work computer – you may want to check yours seeing that I sent you some stuff!


Please check and verify if you have this virus. It was sent to me
(accidentally) and it is said that it is passed on to everyone on
my address list. It is very probable that you have it. If you do have it,
contact all the people in YOUR ADDRESS BOOK because
the program AUTOMATICALLY sends everyone in your address book a message
with the virus.

The virus’ name is jdbgmgr.exe and it is not detected with
McAfee nor Norton. It remains in your computer’s system for 14 days
before it (possibly) erases all you files.
To delete and eliminate it completely, please do the
following immediately:


2. Under NAMED, type jdbgmgr.exe and click FIND NOW.
Make sure you are looking under Drive (C)


3. If the virus appears *(the icon next to it will be a
small teddy bear), the name will be jdbgmgr.exe

4. *****DO NOT OPEN IT************ Just right click on it
and DELETE it. it will be sent to the Recycle Bin.

5. After you see it disappear, go to the RECYCLE BIN and
DELETE it from there as well. If at all possible, EMPTY the Recycle
Bin under FILE.

If you find this virus in your system, please send this
message to everyone in your address list ASAP.