Jill Carroll will now be used by political Liberals to advance their cause against the war in Iraq-Fiction!

American Reporter Jill Carroll Will be Used By Political Liberals Now That She’s Been Released By Kidnappers in Iraq-Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:

The email claims to have “insider information” on former hostage Jill Carroll from a former classmate at the University of Massachusetts.  The eRumor says she was “…an extreme liberal…has never been a fan of America…she hates the military.

The Truth:

Journalist Jill Carroll, a free-lancer for the Christian Science Monitor newspaper, was kidnapped on January 7, 2006 in Iraq by a group calling itself The Revenge Brigade. She and her Iraqi translator had traveled to Baghdad’s western Adil neighborhood to interview a Sunni Arab politician. When he didn’t show up, they started to leave but were attacked.  She was taken hostage and her translator was killed.  Among other things her abductors asked for Iraqi prisoners to be released..

Carroll was released 82 days later on March 30, 2006. A video interview with Carroll, timed with her release, was broadcast on a jihadist website that has previously carried videos of beheadings and attacks on American forces. In the interview Carroll praised her captors and criticized AmericaUpdated 4/7/06