Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins-Fiction!

Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins University Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A lengthy email about cancer and nutrition said to have been published by the famous Johns Hopkins University.  In 2014, this same eRumor resurfaced under the subject of “big hospital finally telling the truth about cancer at johns hopkins.”
The Truth:
The suggestions in the email do not appear to have come from any reputable medical source and Johns Hopkins University says it did not come from them.
In a published statement, the university said, “Johns Hopkins did not publish the email, entitled “Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins,” nor do we endorse its contents.  For more information about cancer, please read the information on our web site or visit the National Cancer Institute’s web site at
Some versions of this eRumor warn of the dangers of dioxins from plastic water bottles. That was a seperate eRumor and we have findings posted: CLICK HERE for dioxin research eRumor.
Updated 8/12/08