Touching Article about Coach John Wooden-Truth!

Touching Article about Coach John Wooden-Truth!

  Summary of eRumor: 
A beautifully written column about the great basketball coach John Wooden.  It talks about his devotion to his late wife and his commitment to excellence in both athletics and in life.

The Truth:

This article is real.  It was written by sports writer Rick Reilly for Sports Illustrated and published on March 14, 2000.  

Coach John Wooden is best known for his 27 years as the now legendary basketball coach at UCLA.  As the article mentions, his records are numerous and astonishing. His lifetime as a high school and college coach saw him win 81.5 of his games.  His records as a college coach include the most consecutive victories (88), 10 NCAA championships, 7 of which were consecutive, 38 consecutive NCAA tournament victories, 8 undefeated PAC-8 championships, and 4 full undefeated seasons.  He is also known for his discipline, his integrity, and his commitment to his Christian faith.

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