The county supervisor with a red face at a board meeting

The County Supervisor Who Read a False eRumor for Memorial Day


In May, 2008, Outagamie County Supervisor Dianne Herner in Wisconsin began a County Board meeting with a Memorial Day reflection.

It was described an article in the Appleton Post-Crescent newspaper written by Susan Squires.

Herner read an uplifting story about unsung military heroes including actor Lee Marvin and children’s television personalities Fred Rogers, known as Mr. Rogers, and Bob Keeshan, known as Captain Kangaroo.

She told how Marvin was presented with the Navy Cross for action at Iwo Jima in World War II.  Marvin is quoted as having told Tonight Show host Johnny Carson how Keeshan, who was his sergeant, drew enemy fire so he could get his men to safety.  She also related that Mr. Rogers was a Navy SEAL with 25 kills to his credit.

The problem is that most of the story was not true.

When told that she had been tricked by an eRumor, Herner said “You assume people are being honest when they send you things.”

They are being honest, Dianne.  Whoever sent it to you didn’t know it was fiction either.

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