Christian airline pilots being paired with non-Christian ones in case of rapture-Fiction!

Airlines Schedule Christian Pilots with Non-Christian Crew in Case the Christian Disappears in the “Rapture”Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:
Some airline companies schedule Christian pilots along with non-Christian pilots in case the Biblical “rapture” takes place and the Christian pilot suddenly disappears.  

The Truth:

There is no evidence of this and there are a couple of problems with the eRumor.

One is that not all Christians believe in the sudden, unexpected disappearance of Christians in a rapture.

The other is that in order for an airline to make this policy, there not only needs to be agreement within the company on the theology of a rapture, but there also needs to be a company standard as to who is or is not a Christian.  Can you imagine the fallout from that?  “Joe, you are flying with Fred today because you’re obviously not going to heaven.”