Airlines Schedule Christian Pilots with Non-Christian Crew in Case the Christian Disappears in the “Rapture”Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:
Some airline companies schedule Christian pilots along with non-Christian pilots in case the Biblical “rapture” takes place and the Christian pilot suddenly disappears.  

The Truth:

There is no evidence of this and there are a couple of problems with the eRumor.

One is that not all Christians believe in the sudden, unexpected disappearance of Christians in a rapture.

The other is that in order for an airline to make this policy, there not only needs to be agreement within the company on the theology of a rapture, but there also needs to be a company standard as to who is or is not a Christian.  Can you imagine the fallout from that?  “Joe, you are flying with Fred today because you’re obviously not going to heaven.”  

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

I was talking to a friend regarding the possible scenarios
a possible Rapture of Christian believers. I related that I had just
a minister talking about all the commercial jet airliners that are flying
each hour of the day, someplace on earth, and how devesting it would be if
many of those commercial jets were piloted by Born Again believers. There
would be hundreds of mishaps all at once. This friend said that he knows
of a
few Airlines Companies that have taken that into consideration and have
to place at least one non-believing individual in the cockpit of each
they send up.
This does not sound like something that an air lines would even
consider since Christians have been talking about the Rapture of God’s
for centuries.