Science Whiz from India-Fiction!

  A Young Student From India Has Proved Einstein Wrong and is Up For The Nobel Prize in PhysicsFiction!



Summary of eRumor: 
A university-bound student in India has disproved the Theory of Relativity.  He has demonstrated the existence of a sub atomic particle that travels faster than light, and impossible feat according to Einstein’s theory.  The email says the discovery has affected the scientific community and that he is being considered for the Nobel prize for Physics.  The email also says the student was measured with an “IQ meter” and the meter broke down because it couldn’t measure his IQ.  It also claims that this has been reported in the India Times and that his brother, Madhu Reddy, is an Indian whiz kid who developed an operating system better than Windows.  

The Truth:

This email is being widely circulated on websites and chat rooms in India. has found no evidence of this individual, his brother, or his discovery.  No article has appeared in the India Times.  There is no Carl Uppsala associated with the Nobel Prizes (he is named in the email).  There is not a Dr. Massimo Martelli (also named in the email) who is president of “The International Physics Community.”   Most of all, there is no such thing as an “IQ meter.”