A dying baby, a hot water bottle, a child's prayer, and a children's doll-Truth!

The Story of the Dying Baby, a Hot Water Bottle, A Child’s Prayer, and A Children’s Doll-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
This email says it’s from a missionary in Africa who was dealing with a dying, premature baby who needed warmth, but the hot water bottle they would have used to make a home-spun incubator had burst.  A small African girl prayed for God to send not only a hot water bottle, but a doll for the baby as well.  A large parcel arrived which had been sent from out of the country five months earlier, but arrived on just the right day with both a new, rubber hot water bottle and a doll.
The Truth:

This story originates from Helen Roseveare, a missionary from Northern Ireland.  TruthOrFiction.com tracked her down and she told us this story is true and that she included it in her book “Living Faith.”  She has written about the revival that took place in the 1950’s in what was then the Belgian Congo.  She has been associated with WEC (World Evangelization for Christ at http://www.wec-int.org/index.html).
Some of her writings can be ordered from (http://www.wec-int.org/ministries.htm#books)