Human shield changed his mind about Iraq?-Disputed!

A “human shield” Anti-war Protestor Changes His Mind about Saddam Hussein After Being in Iraq-Disputed!



Summary of eRumor:

A “human” shield” anti-war protestor who went to Iraq to oppose the war in 2003 changed his mind after being there and talking with the citizens.  Rev. Kenneth Josephs said he protested the war during demonstrations in Japan, where he lives, as well as opposed the war through speeches and radio broadcasts.  After actually being in Iraq, however, he realized that Saddam Hussein was a monster, that most of the people wanted the war to happen, and he came to the conclusion that he had been wrong about the whole thing.

The Truth:

The story of the pacifist who changed his mind about the war in Iraq after actually being there got wide coverage just before the war started, especially because of a United Press International story that went around the world.
There is question, however, about the pacifist credentials of the Rev. Kenneth Josephs, the man featured in the stories. has not been able to find any evidence of his having participated in pacifist demonstrations, anti-war demonstrations, or having the motive of halting the war with his visit to Iraq.
He was definitely not a human shield, but we have not found any occasion when he claimed to be.
That seemed to have been attached to his story by other writers, especially in a 3/24/03 article on
The headline read “Reality Stuns ‘Human Shield’: ‘Saddam Was a Monster.”
The article described a “group of American anti-war demonstrators who came to Iraq with Japanese human shield volunteers.”

Last updated 4/29/03