Rock-rapper Kid Rock is country Singer Hank Williams Jr.'s son-Fiction!

Rock-Rapper Kid Rock is Country Singer Hank Williams Jr.’s SonFiction!



Summary of eRumor:

The rumor is that Kid Rock is the son of country music legend Hank Williams Jr.

The Truth:

We’ve gotten several inquiries about this…and it’s not true.

Kid Rock’s real name is Robert Ritchie and Hank Williams Jr. is one of his heroes, but not his father.  The two have performed together and the rumor may have been prompted by a track from one of Hank Jr.s’ albums on which Kid Rock plays electric guitar.  Hank Jr. introduces him as his “rebel son.”

Hank Williams Jr.’s website says the two of them are good friends and that Kid Rock was the one who started calling himself Hank Jr.’s rebel son.

There is a son of Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams III, who is also a singer-songwriter.