Tried to Barbecue a Kitten?

The Apartment Dwellers Who Tried to Barbecue a Kitten-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
The email says that a group of people in an apartment complex in Liberty, Missouri tried to barbecue a kitten.  A woman who saw what was going on rescued the kitten and is being persecuted for it.
The Truth:
This story is true and was widely reported in Missouri.  According to the Associated Press, a man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.  Authorities say he placed the live seven-week-old kitten on a lighted barbecue grill.  Other people are said to have been poking the kitten with a stick and saying “Meow, meow,” but none of them was identified so have not been charged.  Sherry Scott, the woman who rescued the kitten, said she and others stayed up most of the night trying to nurse the kitten, but animal control officers said it was too badly injured and it was put to sleep.
Last updated 8/6/02