An Illegal Drug Called "Krokodil" That Eats Flesh-Truth!

An Illegal Drug Called “Krokodil” That Eats Flesh-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Krokodil is an illicit drug that eats the flesh at the point of injection.

The Truth:

Krokodil is an illicit drug that originated in Russia and  is made by  “cooking codeine with various toxic chemicals, including lighter fluid, gasoline and industrial cleaners.”  This according to an October 10, 2013 article by Fox News.  Close to a million krokodil users have been estimated in Russia,  and reports of its use is spreading to other countries throughout Europe.  A few cases are being reported in the U.S. but the article said that the Drug Enforcement Agency is not yet actively conducting investigations.

The toxic effect of the drug leaves scabs that result in gangrenous sores around the skin where the drug has been injected.   The article said that a few cases are being treated in Joliet, Illinois at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center.  Dr. Abhin Singla, the director of addiction services told reporters “It’s a horrific way to get sick. The smell of rotten flesh permeates the room. Intensive treatment and skin grafts are required, but they are often not enough to save limbs or lives.”

Posted 10/14/13