Krystava Patients Schmidt, a missing girl-Truth! Now Resolved!

Twenty-month Old Krystava Patients Schmidt is Missing from Minnesota-Once Truth!  Now Resolved!
Summary of eRumor:
An email from the mother, Christine Schmidt, says she lives in Mounds View, Minnesota and that her 20-month old girl, Krystava Patients, has been abducted.  She says she was last seen with a “Becky Lynn Deamond” in 1997 who took the girl as well as Christine grandmother’s car.

The Truth:
According to both an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune from 4/30/1999 and the Mounds View Police department, Krystava was back into her mother’s hands within a day.  Also, they say the event took place in July, 1998, not 1997.  According to another article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on 7/24/98, the “acquaintance,” was charged by police with false imprisonment and depriving another of parental rights, both felonies.