Embarrasing first date-Fiction!

Girl on a First Date with a Guy Gets Frozen to the Bumper of his Car While Relieving Herself Beside the Road During Winter-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The story alleges that a girl and a guy were out on a first-time date with each other.
They were returning from a day of skiing she becomes desperate to urinate and asks that he stop along the road for her to relieve herself.
When she was finished, however, she realized that her bottom had gotten frozen to the bumper of the car, against which she had been leaning.
She finally had to confess her predicament to her date, who eventually realized that the best thing for him to do was to urinate on the frozen bond so the warmth could set her free.
This story was allegedly told on The Tonight show with Jay Leno in response to a request for stories of the most embarrassing dates.

The Truth:

This urban legend has circulated for a long time and TruthOrFiction.com classes it as an entertaining tale but with no proof that it ever really happened.
The folks at the Tonight show say the story did not take place on their program.

Updated 8/14/04